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pramgoat's blog

Saturday, April 20, 2013

21:3 My 3rd entry to date

It's funny how when you start doing something that you really 'enjoy' doing...; then, all of a sudden, you find that you can't stop...; and, that's exactly how I feel about coming here, really quite regularly, now! ;-)

Friday, March 1, 2013

21:26 This is my 2nd posted entry here. ;-)

I've just posted my 2nd drawn entry so far to date; thus, proving I have not quite forgotten this place, yet! Hopefully, I will draw/and, post many such dicks, in future; so that I shall end up with a whole entire galleries worth. I like to draw dicks; I like to try to make those dicks as expressive as is possible. I also like the fact that each time I try and design a new one; something different tends to pop out; usually, being nothing like I was originally expecting...?! Such are the joys of being an artist; namely, you never quite know exactly what is going to come out, next??? That sheer unpredictability is what really and truly makes art my tremendous passion. Drawing the same thing/using the same style every single time; would totally put me off, altogether; I need to keep my art always both looking/and, feeling 'fresh'.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2:22 My 1st blog post here...

First, I have to admit that I didn't actually think a site like this actually existed on the net; other than in mere imagination, alone! I discovered it entirely through the accidental process of typing into Yahoo search engine...-after selecting the Images tab-...penis drawings. One of the drawings which came back; I went and clicked on; which, eventually, took me here.

I always wanted to find sites that are interested in showing off 'erotic arts'; which I feel are a 'central theme' in regards to my own drawings/paintings. To me, there is no more interesting and exciting challenge than attempting to go draw the human body. Being heterosexual myself therefore my most fav. theme is to draw couples making love.

I've always been very deeply interested in drawing the penis, effectively, too; and, therefore, must confess that I have constantly done many drawings of the penis...whether on it's own: flacid/errect; or else, in the process of ejaculating, right throughout my entire life. In particular, I was 'inspired' by looking at Penis's that were drawn by such erotic masters such as Picasso/Utamaro/Audbrey Beardsley/-etc.

I think, most guys tend to be somewhat over obsessed with their own private parts; they say guys think of sex on average, at least, once every 4 minutes. In my own case, I can confirm that statement to be most probably true. Frequently, I'm on the computer/internet; and, more often than not I find myself surfing to find sexual related pics; and, if I'm offline, then, I search to find sexual related books/magazines.

Indeed, I'm interested in learning to draw 'all' parts of the human body more effectively; as I'm only a mere 'beginner' artist who's desperately wishing to learn more; how to use better techniques to improve my own artworks/-etc. I also tend to believe that we can all learn far quicker by seeing how others do it; taking on whichever styles we tend to most prefer.

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