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What is Dick Squad?

Dick Squad is a rating site similar to 'hot or not' where users can upload and rate dick drawings. Dick drawings are funny, so sign up get rating and lets flood this site with creative dick talent. May the best dicks win!

Please Note: Dick Squad is still in development and will under go many changes as time goes on. We are however ready and waiting for you to start rating and uploading your dick drawings!


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      scottle5 8.4
      Ekuhvielle 6.14
      Ekuhvielle 6.12
      scottle5 6.03
      Dinosaurus 6

    Penis People
      StickyBeefy 6.87
      StickyBeefy 6.65
      MissyDong 5.86
      gloopydoop 5.78
      Sorbeo 5.71

    Cock Creatures
      gloopydoop 6.2
      StickyBeefy 5.91
      jwsmite 3.81
      Train 3.46
      Jayla 3.27

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